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Hi, I am Amy. Thank you for taking the time to peek at my website.

I wanted to share how all this came about. It's kind of the usual story; ever since I was a child, I loved to draw, paint, and be creative. I remember my father not being very happy with me because I literally drew and painted on almost every inch of my bedroom walls. I think it took about 4 coats of Kilz primer paint to cover it up when I left home.

I grew up in a small town, and pottery classes were not available. It was something I always wanted to try. In early 2016, I called around to join a pottery class, but all were full, and I was put on a waiting list. I totally forgot about it because so much happened that year. That same year, I lost my mother to cancer. Just about a month after she passed, I got a call that a seat was available for the pottery class. This truly saved me and helped in my grieving process. I will always enjoy painting, but I fell in love with pottery from the moment I touched the clay. Now it is all I think about.

There is so much joy in taking a lump of clay and making something you can use every single day. It does not have to be this pretty thing just to look at. There is something to be said about drinking out of a handmade mug.

I hope to provide some of that same joy to you either through my work, classes, or both.

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